Difference between on page and off page SEO

Nowadays there is big competition among websites online. Web designs get improved and perfected every day, so you need something really good in order to stand out from the rest. Creating and maintaining a website is challenging process that requires discipline, patience and constant work. General appearance and feel of the website, its functionality, features and online marketing all have an impact whether the site will be successful or not. The process of designing and maintaining a website requires skills and knowledge of many different experts, so there are people that work only on the aesthetics of the site and there are other experts that are responsible for making the site easy to navigate on and functional. When it comes to search engine optimization or SEO, the SEO experts are working to make the website attractive and bring more traffic to it. They do this through implementing different on and off page SEO techniques.

Characteristics of On-Page and Off-Page SEO

            On-page SEO refers to the work done on the web pages of the website. On-page SEO specialists are working to design the website in a way that will be very friendly to the search engines. For example, they can modify the title of the web page and include some specific keywords that are not found on other competing websites. They also include keywords within articles on the website, so the search engine web crawlers will find the website to be relevant for people that search for specific things. On-page SEO includes creating good headings, web page titles, Meta description and tags, using images and photos, quick loading of the website and user-friendly navigation, domain information and URL structure, optimized internal and external links, and regularly updated quality content.

            Off-page SEO is related to the work done outside of the website. This includes link building, usage of social media and social bookmarking. How high certain website ranks largely depends on link building. The quality of links is much more important than the amount of links. Putting some external links on the website can improve its overall quality and make it appear higher in search engines. However, links have to be added from quality websites that are already rated high. Off-page SEO is a process that has to be done on regular basis if you want to have a successful website with plenty of visitors. Social media marketing and social bookmarking are also very important parts of off-page SEO. They are both responsible for making your online presence more attractive and for promoting the services or product you offer.

            Finally, you should remember that both on-page and off-page SEO play big role in whether certain website will be successful or not. In order to attract people to your website, you need to make it in search-friendly way.  Besides that, you constantly need to put links that will point to your website, so the search engine will consider your website reliable and trustworthy when people look for specific information.

Does social media help SEO?

Social media bring numerous benefits for everyone involved. When people start talking about certain products and services, that leads to increase of people`s awareness that such brand exists. That is perfect for building good relationship with potential customers which is one of the reasons why most website owners love using social media. Social media keeps going bigger and many are implementing different social media strategies in order to use it in own advantage. If you are not present in social media and in search engines then people cannot notice you in the online world. Therefore, using social media isa must-use strategy and integral part of every successful SEO campaign. 

Kiev, Ukraine – October 17, 2012 – A logotype collection of well-known social media brand’s printed on paper. Include Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram, Vimeo, Flickr, Myspace, Tumblr, Livejournal, Foursquare and more other logos.

How Social Media Can Help Search Engine Optimization

            Social media marketing improves with using helpful links. All comments on social media platforms, blogs, tweets, online discussions and forums create backlinks to the website and contribute towards its bigger popularity. By posting blogs and tweets that contain specific keywords, you are significant boosting the popularity of your website in the eyes of search engines.

            Search engines are constantly looking and finding interactions on social media when they are indexing web pages. They look for specific things like how often the content is updated, are there any comments left by customers or visitors, and other similar things. All of that increases website value and improve its position in the rankings of search engines.

            Share buttons prove to be very valuable when it comes to making the site SEO friendly. These buttons are very helpful for creating quality backlinks and they give opportunity for better interaction with site visitors. That improves the overall quality of the website and search engines act accordingly by placing it higher in the rankings.

How to Take the Most Out of Social Media to Help SEO

            First, you can start by creating profiles on all social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn. Besides these there are many more other smaller platforms that are worth using as well. Just having a profile is not enough, but you also need to work on creating strong community by interacting with the visitors. For references, check out the social profile of these dating apps SexSwipes, NudeTeensApp and FreeSextingApp. Second thing to do is to optimize your posts and tweets by using specific keywords. Be brief in communicating your message and try to be as specific as possible. Attractive headlines, usage of hashtags and interesting titles all contribute towards bigger traffic.

            Remember that social media should serve as tools to drive traffic towards your website. If you post something on Facebook you should not post an entire article, but just a brief post that will trigger the curiosity of readers and will attract them to visit your main website. Finally, make sure that you constantly update your content with fresh, new information which will keep people interested in coming back to your website.

            As we can conclude, social media indeed helps SEO. Make sure you consider the points mentioned above and create a good social media strategy that will make your website successful.

Guide to using DomCop.com

DomCop is pretty effective software with which you can find and purchase archived or expired domains of good quality. One of the reasons why DomCop is such a valuable tool is because with it you can easily filter domains based on several criteria. DomCop is nota free tool to use, but your investment is worth it, especially if you are looking to find expired domains of highest quality. By using this tool you will definitely see a reduction on yield. You will save valuable time and energy and you will find some really helpful domains that can increase the search traffic and significantly improve the SEO performance of your website. All of that will lead to bigger number of customers to your site.

What Is So Special About DomCop

            DomCop software works smoothly and efficiently, and it does have much more metrics than any other software out there. They are not among the cheapest software you can find, but you should not think about your investment that much if you are interested to achieve big success in short period of time. DomCop has metrics from Alexa, Ahrefs, Estibot, Majestic, SimilarWeb, WhoIs and many more others. You will definitely not find any other software with more metrics than DomCop.

            Great thing about DomCop is that this software is one-stop-shop for everything regarding expired or archived domains. At DomCop you will find an entire section dedicated just for expired domains and expiring auctions. There is also one pretty good crawler feature with which you can search for existing websites that have great authority and find some amazing domains with help of broken links.

Using DomCop

            Using DomCop is pretty straightforward and everything is well explained on the main site. You start by performing one of the three searches available – Common, Simple or Advanced Search, all of them coming with different set of features. You can use any of the search features to look for domains that are still in auctions. You can bid for these domains and if you win the bid you will get the domain. Then you can also look for expired domains and easily buy them from the register of domains. Besides these, you have option to buy completely new domains, crawled domains, search for pre-release domains, and place a backorder for domains that are pending delete.

            You should know that DomCop is not selling domains directly. They are listed on their website and you are buying them through specific registrars of your choice. Using DomCop is recommended if you want to easily find some pretty amazing expired domains. All you have to do is just click a couple of buttons and you will be immediately presented with list of many domains that have fantastic metrics. This was in short how to use DomCop.com and you should know that using the site does not require anything special. Just browse around, follow the on-site instructions and you will soon find everything you need at one place.

Review of Majestic.com

Majestic is very strong and effective marketing search engine, designed primarily for website developers, analysts, marketing firms and SEO agencies. It provides a reliable and fresh data that is helpful for analyzing the performance of websites and their comparison with competitors. By using Majestic you are getting a pretty good insight about ranking of your website in terms of backlinks. Majestic allows you toa ccess the biggest Link Index Database in the world, explore domains and URLs down to their smallest and simplest details. Majestic is ideal tool to use for examining different set of keywords and web pages where they are used and this search engine provides many other helpful things worth checking out.

Advantages of Using Majestic

            SEO experts and professionals should definitely consider using Majestic as it offers really powerful insight in different things. With Majestic you can see how your website fares in comparison to your competitors within specific time period or scenario. The backlinks history goes back over five years, so you can get some pretty accurate information. Majestic is ideal to use as a learning tool and getting to know the advantages of specific website in comparison to others. The statistics are very informative and thorough, giving valuable info on everything. Online businesses would benefit a lot from Majestic as it gives all the important data right there into their online browsers.

            With Majestic you can measure the website success through the detailed reports filled with all key numbers and most important metrics. With these reports you can easily see how the influence of your website increases or decreases over specific period of time. What is even better – all reports are clearly presented in normal language without confusing technical terms that are hard to comprehend.

Features of Majestic

The list of features in Majestic is very extensive. Raw Data Exports, Custom Reports, Fresh Index, Bulk Backlink Checker, Site Explorer, Site Comparison, Backlink History, Flow Metrics History, Historic Index, Search Explorer, Full Business Profile, Email Alerts, Keyword Checker, Campaigns, Share Campaigns and Trust Flow are just some of the plenty great and very helpful features available with this tool.

Cost of Majestic

            Good thing about Majestic is that there are three different pricing packages available for users. There is Lite package, Pro and Full package. Lite pricing package comes for a price of $79.99 per month. It is designed for one user, offering Site Explorer, Fresh Index, a million analysis units, usage of OpenApps, Campaigns, Trust Flow, Topical Trust Flow and Bulk Backlink Checker. The Pro package comes for a price of $149.99 per month and includes all Lite features plus twenty million analysis units, Raw Data Exports, Historic Index, Compare Sites, Custom Reports, Clique Hunter, Flow Metrics History, Backlink History, Toybox, Keyword Checker, Search Explorer, Email Alerts, Share Campaigns, Network Neighborhood and Full Business Profile. Finally, the Full Majestic pricing plan stands at $399.99 per month, incorporating all features of the Pro plan, but it starts at hundred million analysis units plus you can create OpenApps and get Custom Monthly Data.

What is SEO?

SEO or search engine optimization is often used today, but there are still fair share of people who do not know what exactly it involves. Basically, SEO is a strategy that is used for the websites to appear higher in rankings of search engine results.This is very important strategy because people rarely go past the first two or three pages with search results, so the higher the ranking – the better the traffic towards the website will be. One of the top reasons why SEO has such big effect on making the website appear higher in search engines is because all major search engines use algorithms that handle all their operations.

How SEO Is Done?

            There are many ways in which certain website is search engine optimized. The most effective techniques include using SEO headers, titles and web addresses, writing quality SEO content, back-linking, using different forms of multimedia and doing regular updates on the site.

            Important thing to remember is that search engines are not listing the websites, but the webpages. That means that the pages must be optimized by allocating some important keywords and phrases into the web page. Number of keywords and how many will be used largely depends on number of total words used in the particular web page.

            Search engine optimization is not something that is done occasionally. SEO also does not guarantee overnight success. It is an ongoing process that requires patience and discipline. It must be done constantly and web pages must be created on regular basis. Most successful websites today have plenty of webpages in their own database. 

            If your website happens to generate large amount of traffic, then it is highly likely that it will appear very high in the search engine results even without too much optimization. Remember that search engine optimization is not just placing keyword phrases everywhere, but the content on the website has to be unique and to make sense to people that visit the site.

            Apart from providing quality content with specific keywords used, there are other factors that also should be considered for reaching high rank in search results. Building quality links is another very important practice that should not be neglected. Search engines value a lot the websites that have links with good quality. Optimizing the website for search engines is just one small piece of the puzzle. Retaining and satisfying website visitors is very important, so make sure you provide quality SEO content that will attract regular visitors towards your website.

            This was general information about what search engine optimization is and which techniques are most commonly used. If you want to get involved more into the matter then it is advisable you get services from reputable SEO companies that can do everything necessary in order for your website to be successful. That is the best way of ensuring that you will get the best services available and that the search engine optimization campaign will be effective.