Difference between on page and off page SEO

Nowadays there is big competition among websites online. Web designs get improved and perfected every day, so you need something really good in order to stand out from the rest. Creating and maintaining a website is challenging process that requires discipline, patience and constant work. General appearance and feel of the website, its functionality, features and online marketing all have an impact whether the site will be successful or not. The process of designing and maintaining a website requires skills and knowledge of many different experts, so there are people that work only on the aesthetics of the site and there are other experts that are responsible for making the site easy to navigate on and functional. When it comes to search engine optimization or SEO, the SEO experts are working to make the website attractive and bring more traffic to it. They do this through implementing different on and off page SEO techniques.

Characteristics of On-Page and Off-Page SEO

            On-page SEO refers to the work done on the web pages of the website. On-page SEO specialists are working to design the website in a way that will be very friendly to the search engines. For example, they can modify the title of the web page and include some specific keywords that are not found on other competing websites. They also include keywords within articles on the website, so the search engine web crawlers will find the website to be relevant for people that search for specific things. On-page SEO includes creating good headings, web page titles, Meta description and tags, using images and photos, quick loading of the website and user-friendly navigation, domain information and URL structure, optimized internal and external links, and regularly updated quality content.

            Off-page SEO is related to the work done outside of the website. This includes link building, usage of social media and social bookmarking. How high certain website ranks largely depends on link building. The quality of links is much more important than the amount of links. Putting some external links on the website can improve its overall quality and make it appear higher in search engines. However, links have to be added from quality websites that are already rated high. Off-page SEO is a process that has to be done on regular basis if you want to have a successful website with plenty of visitors. Social media marketing and social bookmarking are also very important parts of off-page SEO. They are both responsible for making your online presence more attractive and for promoting the services or product you offer.

            Finally, you should remember that both on-page and off-page SEO play big role in whether certain website will be successful or not. In order to attract people to your website, you need to make it in search-friendly way.  Besides that, you constantly need to put links that will point to your website, so the search engine will consider your website reliable and trustworthy when people look for specific information.