Guide to using

DomCop is pretty effective software with which you can find and purchase archived or expired domains of good quality. One of the reasons why DomCop is such a valuable tool is because with it you can easily filter domains based on several criteria. DomCop is nota free tool to use, but your investment is worth it, especially if you are looking to find expired domains of highest quality. By using this tool you will definitely see a reduction on yield. You will save valuable time and energy and you will find some really helpful domains that can increase the search traffic and significantly improve the SEO performance of your website. All of that will lead to bigger number of customers to your site.

What Is So Special About DomCop

            DomCop software works smoothly and efficiently, and it does have much more metrics than any other software out there. They are not among the cheapest software you can find, but you should not think about your investment that much if you are interested to achieve big success in short period of time. DomCop has metrics from Alexa, Ahrefs, Estibot, Majestic, SimilarWeb, WhoIs and many more others. You will definitely not find any other software with more metrics than DomCop.

            Great thing about DomCop is that this software is one-stop-shop for everything regarding expired or archived domains. At DomCop you will find an entire section dedicated just for expired domains and expiring auctions. There is also one pretty good crawler feature with which you can search for existing websites that have great authority and find some amazing domains with help of broken links.

Using DomCop

            Using DomCop is pretty straightforward and everything is well explained on the main site. You start by performing one of the three searches available – Common, Simple or Advanced Search, all of them coming with different set of features. You can use any of the search features to look for domains that are still in auctions. You can bid for these domains and if you win the bid you will get the domain. Then you can also look for expired domains and easily buy them from the register of domains. Besides these, you have option to buy completely new domains, crawled domains, search for pre-release domains, and place a backorder for domains that are pending delete.

            You should know that DomCop is not selling domains directly. They are listed on their website and you are buying them through specific registrars of your choice. Using DomCop is recommended if you want to easily find some pretty amazing expired domains. All you have to do is just click a couple of buttons and you will be immediately presented with list of many domains that have fantastic metrics. This was in short how to use and you should know that using the site does not require anything special. Just browse around, follow the on-site instructions and you will soon find everything you need at one place.