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Majestic is very strong and effective marketing search engine, designed primarily for website developers, analysts, marketing firms and SEO agencies. It provides a reliable and fresh data that is helpful for analyzing the performance of websites and their comparison with competitors. By using Majestic you are getting a pretty good insight about ranking of your website in terms of backlinks. Majestic allows you toa ccess the biggest Link Index Database in the world, explore domains and URLs down to their smallest and simplest details. Majestic is ideal tool to use for examining different set of keywords and web pages where they are used and this search engine provides many other helpful things worth checking out.

Advantages of Using Majestic

            SEO experts and professionals should definitely consider using Majestic as it offers really powerful insight in different things. With Majestic you can see how your website fares in comparison to your competitors within specific time period or scenario. The backlinks history goes back over five years, so you can get some pretty accurate information. Majestic is ideal to use as a learning tool and getting to know the advantages of specific website in comparison to others. The statistics are very informative and thorough, giving valuable info on everything. Online businesses would benefit a lot from Majestic as it gives all the important data right there into their online browsers.

            With Majestic you can measure the website success through the detailed reports filled with all key numbers and most important metrics. With these reports you can easily see how the influence of your website increases or decreases over specific period of time. What is even better – all reports are clearly presented in normal language without confusing technical terms that are hard to comprehend.

Features of Majestic

The list of features in Majestic is very extensive. Raw Data Exports, Custom Reports, Fresh Index, Bulk Backlink Checker, Site Explorer, Site Comparison, Backlink History, Flow Metrics History, Historic Index, Search Explorer, Full Business Profile, Email Alerts, Keyword Checker, Campaigns, Share Campaigns and Trust Flow are just some of the plenty great and very helpful features available with this tool.

Cost of Majestic

            Good thing about Majestic is that there are three different pricing packages available for users. There is Lite package, Pro and Full package. Lite pricing package comes for a price of $79.99 per month. It is designed for one user, offering Site Explorer, Fresh Index, a million analysis units, usage of OpenApps, Campaigns, Trust Flow, Topical Trust Flow and Bulk Backlink Checker. The Pro package comes for a price of $149.99 per month and includes all Lite features plus twenty million analysis units, Raw Data Exports, Historic Index, Compare Sites, Custom Reports, Clique Hunter, Flow Metrics History, Backlink History, Toybox, Keyword Checker, Search Explorer, Email Alerts, Share Campaigns, Network Neighborhood and Full Business Profile. Finally, the Full Majestic pricing plan stands at $399.99 per month, incorporating all features of the Pro plan, but it starts at hundred million analysis units plus you can create OpenApps and get Custom Monthly Data.